Charlie – NAO

Charlie 新曲『 NAO 』歌詞 PV視聴 MV 動画 :

The soft smile upon your face
and the whisper of your voice
All the things that I can’t forget
Looking back, the times we had
Fades away into the past
Everything was much better then

But you’re still the one I miss
Even now I can’t resist
And once again I will go to you
Can’t control the things I do
‘cause my heart cries out for you
You are the one that I want to see

Waiting for the words you know I’m longing to hear you say
Don’t you know that when you’re silent it hurts me more
Don’t wanna let you go don’t wanna see you walk away
I know there’s someone else waiting for you

Looking back at all the sweet memories
Thoughts of you they fill my mind, in a space that’s deep down inside me
All the tenderness, the things that you do
My heart will overflow, try to forget but I still miss you

But no matter how we try, we just can’t see eye to eye
Something’s gone, and we can’t connect
And I know that it’s because, someone else you’re thinking of
‘cause I know she’s the only one

And I wish that it was me, that you’re holding so closely
Whispering words of love, mm
And I know that she must be overjoyed and so happy
A feeling that I would like to feel

On that day so long ago I stumbled and I fell for you
But I closed my eyes I was much too blind to see
I need you, but now you’re just moving so far away
Why won’t you look at me, please stay

Try to understand, try to forget
But you’re much too kind to me
Let me lose ‘cause I wanna be free
Need to know right now the way that you feel
Boy I need your honesty, if it’s over you’ve got to let me be

But this feeling burns inside my heart
Fire burning bright for you boy
I don’t care what tomorrow may bring
just as long as I’m close to you

Even though I chase a dying love
My heart it yearns for you, feelings growing stronger every day
Smiling through the tears and the pain that I feel
Every day I must be strong and I know that some day I will be free

All the bitter tears I cry for you
Can’t escape the memories, burning bright a flame deep inside me
All I ask of you, three words, just let me know now
All the things I feel for you, wanna let you know that my heart is true


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