Cam’ron & Vado – Slimes 歌詞

You getting money I’m getting money
you getting funny I’m getting funny
wise man told me
to make it in the snake after become a snake
but I don’t dub problems
I prefer to use dub tape
he gotta cross of a pink pink but can’t shoe
..and sink sink you can’t move
when the streets till is no damn shoe
brand new and strong enough to make a man ..
silence off the challenge
I’m off the wall like the previous mud on the calender
you think you ..lavender
40 cali in the turble she’s my ..
and the ali like you need paper
on the post with the cost like you don’t need paper
on the coast with the colose like he don’t need favor
on the zone got 2 phones 3 pages
he can’t sleep no dream but he a dream chaser
where my slimes at, where my slimes at,
where my slimes at, where my slimes at
where my dimes at, where my dimes at
check my bubble I’m tryin to get right behind that
raise a bottle .. where you’ve been mind that
7911 trouble ..after better cross
lights on turn em off
and he hated here for ..turn em all
check your body waiters is the only time
you touch ..let em hate ’cause I’m holder crack
like when the dutch dale
put up the ..put up the house like I dare you to jump
bale f*ck nail got more knowledge from the slug gale
she ..purple mall like you read my ball when you stretch
all my way to the ..couple let em act
they ask 5 dollar to meet a deff
squeeze the ..soap the see make the ..
hole the key when you let go
you bring it back like the retro
mister yeko blowing loud like the the echo
red dot on the spot I could spot em like ..
I am next to be boss but I..
check under the see key checking my review
never doubt when it’s P red docum for
feel who in the streets come try me I dare you
damn kiss don’t understand live
just know the die ..after the dark the nox man crib word it niggas ain’t rubbin but it’s dead
we keep the circle three stack for the purple
you need that if it’s worthful
always pulling on this two straps like ..
move back I heard ou shoot back and ..


- スポンサーリンク -