brandUn DeShay – Juelz brandAna 歌詞

What’s up boy
You’re now listening to the sound of braundUn DeShay
It’s about to be something special
(The fuck you sayA)
As a matter of fact
(You know it is)
It’s your favourite
It’s your favourite mix tape
Part 2
Coming to you live, right here,right now

Round beats,of deems,incomplete
That’s what I don’t like
Unimaginitive boy,unique
That’s what I don’t like
Hetch hog that I don’t like
Only girl would I flow like
Unmaxing the cage max
I ain’t cheap when I throw like
And I’m more likely to go lightly
When Y’all cut to fuck shit
When Y’all was fun kids
When Mike kicked the bucket
You all must’ve forgot huh
How Pizzy died huh
Ever since that i been Dahe
My pancakes dried bro

I go by the name of Rich Nice
The worlds greatest in a room we are here
DeShay and Rich, Machine ,Timakee crew and none other than the up

homie brandAna DeShay
Check out what he’s got to say

Listen,I’m who the fans suggested
Young and up for vessel
Best to step, and less to study for the test and questions
Check your daily planner
And here’s some crazy grammar
And put the check your low dumbass like crazy gremlins
And get amazing manners,adequite, I’m proud of it ,you out of it
I’m counting money, you counterfeit Haha
You all bum me and from the sound of it
I try to give you a hand and all you did was pounded it

Talking shit, and they need to stop
Their album’s dropped, and they know it’s flop
I take a shit, and I pop a squat
I call that shit that soda pop
Bitches all that whiped a pop
I call that shit that soda pop
Take a type, right time up on it
Clock these niggers got a white sheet
Like it the way I whip it
Like it the way I whip it
Yeah I spit that magic
I call that shit that wizz it
Then I got so called up this thing
I’m like a blizzard
Bitch, I go and chase the season
You can call it shit that win it

Fly rapper from the West Coast
Pocket screaming the pistol
I flow so hard you gotta blow it like a whistle
They tried to burn me down
But I’m all born like a steamer
So I rose from the ash with yellow glasses like phony people
Can’t get with it,then get lost
Couting down to my left off
My song stay poppin’ like
Lil Mommas lip gloss
Torn down with a heptose
Pardon me, I’m the big boss
I’m all over some bitches
With big titties beavin’ to Rick Ross

Before anybody set the cam on me
I stayed at home working my goal
Like it was after me
Like i portrayed it out for me
Tried to lock me in a cell of my own mind
These are my own rhymes
So you can all hold minds
I’m going off like a tape of tantrum
They can’t stand ‘em
So I make them ghosts like Danny Phantom
Fuck your Ferrari, your Mercedes and your Phenom
I’ll flame ‘em
With my 6 foot big nigga cannon

We’re at the empty house
Nobody hearing us
Equipment capped it all
But now my team is something serious
It’s my birthday so I’m drunk up on arizonas
I don’t smoke weed but I got a dope aroma for you
I’m R.S.P. , the shay I lead ,Ka-khali
A-Happa Ali,but show you who He
This your favourite mix tape
Niggers this is deep shit
My teacher wants to fuck with me
I think I call that dick take

I’m screaming shy town,my town
Windy city, ride around
With the fucking windows down
How’s that for a cold rapper
Your favourite artist
Is making it watch me run right past him
Because I got it mastered
And mentally ,I’m gently killing your favourite rapper
I’m simply do it rather, I simply run it faster
Can’t even call it competition
All it caused is laughter
I already said it once, I say it twice
There ain’t nobody better than me
They gonna need some loaded dice
It’s Jamie Mundaca


- スポンサーリンク -