BENI – クリスマス・イブ

安良城紅(BENI) 新曲『 クリスマス・イブ 』 PV視聴 MV 動画 歌詞 :

アルバム「COVERS 2」に収録
作詞:山下達郎・英語詞:Alan O’Day

All alone I watch the quiet rain
Wonder if it’s gonna snow again
Silent night, Holy night

I was praying
you’d be here with me
But Christmas Eve ain’t
what it used to be
Silent night, Holy night

If you were beside me
Then I could hear angels
And I’d give you rainbows,
for Christmas

Somewhere far away
the sleighbells ring
I remember
when we used to sing
Silent night, Holy night

I keep you inside me
Oh the truth is unspoken,
So my heart won’t be broken,
on Christmas

They lit the trees
along the avenue
Twinkling silver with a touch of blue
Silent night, Holy night


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