Be Choir Be Quiet 歌詞



Sick & tired of this society (oh)
Want to change what’s surrounding me (so)
Trying to sing thru reality (world)
What’s wrong being incomplete?

Looking back on the history (of)
What’s planned or happened to be (cause)
Not only the bad repeat (so)
Don’t take it all seriously

Why don’t you just believe in yourself?
Let your body & soul be free release your mind

Could it be just twisted and turned
To the life every cent is what you earn
Promise your heart to crash and burn
Who’s there to fly with me?

Revelation of your true soul
Elevation you feel, the drums roll
Liberation will take you to the top
Nobody’s ever gonna drop


((Clap 2/4))
The answer’s in me
Whether to be or not to be
That’s the Q-U-E-S&T,
I can choose what I want to believe.
What’s true isn’t right necessarily.
So take the chances that pleases me, soothes me, comforts me, appealingly.
Errythings a possibility, every song that we sing fills me partially.
Yeah, part of me says you can’t do that the other parts like huh?!
Pardon me? Say what?
Listen to your heart beating like…
Don’t worry if they don’t understand.
Let’s not wait. Or hesitate.
Let your fate (Clap×2) Destinate (Clap×2)
Put away the fears you might have inside.
Cause miracles can happen before your eyes.

((Horn outro?))


- スポンサーリンク -