Ashley Monroe – That’s Why We Call Each Other Baby 歌詞

You’ve been out with the boys
Don’t you think it’s time to put your toys away
You make me laugh the way you pout
When I tell you that you can’t stay out to play now
Go ahead stick out your lip
I can pitch a bigger fit

That’s why we call each other baby
The way we carry on sometimes
Up all night driving each other crazy
Why don’t we sing a lullaby

When you don’t get what you want
You go a crying on the telephone to mama
You call me names slam a door
Make me a pallet on the bedroom floor for drama
Acting like a little child
If it wouldn’t make you make that smile

(Repeat Chorus)

Hold your breath
Stick out your lip
Honey to trip on it

(Repeat Chorus)

Why don’t we sing a lullaby


- スポンサーリンク -