2 Chainz – Dirty Dark 歌詞

All I do is me, masturbation
I could make your girl wild, graduation
I’m gonna make it rain, you do condensation
One nation ..full of frustration.
I pledge allegiance, leave you niggers extra bleeding
Black and white diamonds, tremble like a..
Definitely, I bless the beat
I thought best to beat than just rest in peace
That’s my receipt.
I’m 2 Chainz and I spell chainz with a z,
I go hard on any beat…
That slow minds on G4, I’m about that bull like…
Easier then… easier then we polo
Easier than a hoe at my show and a…
..young girl need a common tongue
My verse is BG, that’s short for bubble gum
So, I’m 2 Chainz, chains on
Big, you could play double…
Two blunts…
Bitch, that’s a double dutch.


- スポンサーリンク -