XV Ft. Betty Trouble – Learn To Fly 歌詞

[hook: betty trouble]
i learn to fly
so you, you run to find the gun
to shoot me down
before i got too high
i learn to fly
so you, you run to find the gun
to shoot me down
before i got too high

[xv – verse 1]
see, i grew up on that northside
where the ballers don’t play courtside
they wear colors, and ride for they brothers
throwin’ they c’s up and b’s up and courts high
and i touched my first 45
when jordan was wearing that 45
and i couldn’t ball, i was like 4’5″
so i stayed inside writing up more rhymes
well of course i, had problems with thugs
who told me that i couldn’t get any love
in the city i’m from, don’t know why
i stayed here, never said bye
dad said no, mom said try
shorty said “who?” now says “hi”
teacher sighs, says “what you gonna do?”
“when you leave school”
and i said i


[xv – verse 2]
more fire, more fire
as i get higher and higher
my bars get tighter than rikers
when i get behind mics like i’m myers
and lay on my bandwagon
call it radio flyers
but if you roll it, come on then
i hope you saving your tyres
don’t buy my cd, just to see me
‘fore the day i expire
i am here permanente
i swear my name could be kaiser
no fat lady’s gonna sing
skinny chicks in my choir
and life’s a bitch
but i swear that bitch couldn’t be finer
i asked my momma, where we go from here?
no clue till we die
so living like this our last is the move for the night
called me a nerd in high school
now my school is so high
i’m flying first class
like my homeroom’s in the sky
and i


[xv – verse 3]
knew that i could when they told me i can’t
said i was good, i told ‘em i’m great
funny my hood, they told me i changed
i said yeah, only the game
now am i here throwin’ up squares
l & 7′s up in the air
they askin me “vizzy you really prepared?”
i say “hell yeah, where’s my chair?”
keep yo throne, leave my wings
i am grown off something
got me flyer and feeling super i am mario 3
this is when no-one knew who i would be
back then when no one would ever believe
now they see cause i fly with my dreams in front of they eyes



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