Smoke DZA – New Jack 歌詞

I said you meet me at hard
Meet me at the studio
I said you bring your ass to ..
But it don’t ..
Because i have a steady myself ..the original gangsta
I don’t rap about ti
I say wake up mother fucker and long you could sleep
I’m like ..upon your street
But they so long you could play
Every dig has his play
On my play ground
You’re looking at the .. Niggas
Can set a few so accomplish shit
So have it your way
Shawty in your boyfriend
Plus i make more money
Frank should i have ..
I said nigga i make money
I play sincere that’s why i’m here
And think about it
It’s the hightest .. Where we start
Is that i got
Work work to my mother
..the middle .. I don’t know what i di ..
To stammers how i kick it ..underground
9 eleven i’m a .. Now fuck that to ym hustle
Is the .. I’ll be bitch like you ring
From brooklyn
You can smell with the cush got smoking


- スポンサーリンク -